Thursday, July 12, 2012

Classroom Management Ideas

This summer, I have been doing some research on how to modify my classroom management for next year. Last year, I did bucket fillers, Whole Brain Teaching, and CHAMPS. CHAMPS is a positive reinforcement classroom management approach. It really helped when I was doing my Daily 5 workshops. After my experiences from last year, I've decided to tweak my classroom management plan a little. I have a couple ideas that I am really excited to start! I'm going to continue with Whole Brain Teaching with simlies/frowns (scoreboard), "Class! Yes!," hands and eyes, and the classroom rules posters. Third Grade Thoughts has some excellent resources and explains how to implement Whole Brain Teaching into your class. Here is a great clip of how a first grade teacher implement WBT: I talked earlier in my blog about also using 7 Habits. I've been doing some research and have found many supplemental resources to help with launching 7 habits. Here are some resources I have collected: 1. 7 Habits Rewards (free download on TpT)
2. 7 Habits Bookmarks (another FREE download on TpT)
3. 7 Habits PowerPoint Presentations (created by Barren County School District) 7 Habits PowerPoints 4. Supplemental Stories to help understanding of each habit.
You can download the PDF from this website. 5. This packet is meant for students to get notes HOME. However, I thought it would be a cute idea for kids to give these notes to EACH OTHER. Yeah? (Another free download from TpT).
6. Lastly, I found a packet (from TpT) a reflective journal that I thought would be great for my student to reflect and set goals. If you have seen 7 Habits, you know that they have the cutest little critters as characters in the story. I was so excited to find the CUTEST TREE-Mendous Behavior Chart created by First Grade O.W.L.s. I thought it was SO adorable and it goes PERFECT with the 7 habits characters and the tree theme I have in my classroom.
There is one last idea that I have. I really like the idea of brownie points and cookie points. I think it goes great with the WBT scoreboard. Mrs. Heeren's Happenings has created an awesome FREEBIE packet for cookie and brownie points. I'm still trying to figure out how I'm going to incorporate it into my classroom management. However, it is something that I really want to incorporate because of the positive rewards that she included.
Question: What classroom management techniques have worked in your class?

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

I'm Back! And an award :)

Hi everyone! I'm back! Last week, I was fortunate enough to take the week off and go down to Southern California for a little family reunion! I had such a wonderful time visiting my family.
We went to Downtown Disney and had a fabulous dinner, and had fireworks going off while we were eating! 

While I was away, I was given my VERY FIRST AWARD! I was so excited :) Thank you Olivia from Classroom Craft for the award.
As part of receiving this award, I had to nominate 5 other blogs. I wanted to give a lot of thought into this and I am nominating the 5 blogs that have really helped me during my first year of teacher. Prior to this blogging journey I have taken, I was following several blogs and they have given me so many ideas! This is my opportunity to say "Thank you" to those teachers who have inspired me during one of the toughest years--my first year of teaching!

Again, thank you for doing what you do--inspiring teachers :)


Ps. How do you make a button for your blog and a little signature?