Tuesday, July 10, 2012

I'm Back! And an award :)

Hi everyone! I'm back! Last week, I was fortunate enough to take the week off and go down to Southern California for a little family reunion! I had such a wonderful time visiting my family.
We went to Downtown Disney and had a fabulous dinner, and had fireworks going off while we were eating! 

While I was away, I was given my VERY FIRST AWARD! I was so excited :) Thank you Olivia from Classroom Craft for the award.
As part of receiving this award, I had to nominate 5 other blogs. I wanted to give a lot of thought into this and I am nominating the 5 blogs that have really helped me during my first year of teacher. Prior to this blogging journey I have taken, I was following several blogs and they have given me so many ideas! This is my opportunity to say "Thank you" to those teachers who have inspired me during one of the toughest years--my first year of teaching!

Again, thank you for doing what you do--inspiring teachers :)


Ps. How do you make a button for your blog and a little signature?